Warsztaty z Danem Boyarskim

about the workshop leader
Dan Boyarski is Professor and former Head of the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, where he has been for thirty years. He teaches courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels in typography, dynamic information design, and interaction design. Dan is interested in time-based communication, visualizing complex data, and how type, image, sound, and movement may be combined for effective communication. He has conducted research for organizations like Samsung Electronics, Nortel Networks, Carnegie Museum of Art, and Microsoft.
Dan speaks at national and international conferences and symposia dealing with interaction design, information design, and design education. In the spring of 1999, the Design Management Institute awarded Dan the Muriel Cooper Prize for “outstanding achievement in advancing design, technology, and communications in the digital environment.” During a year-long sabbatical leave in 2008–09, he lectured and taught at schools in various locations in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Portugal. Dan received an mfa degree in Graphic Design from Indiana University and later spent two years at the School for Design Basel, Switzerland, studying design and film animation. He loves good food, wine, and movies, old and new.

The workshop is open to students, professionals, and educators in the fields of communication or graphic design and film or motion graphics. It is expected that all participants have experience with traditional or experimental typography. This workshop is not meant to teach software, so all participants are expected to be proficient with the software listed below.

tools and materials
Participants will produce final work on their laptops equipped with dynamic media tools for image, typography, animation, video, and sound editing—such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, FinalCut. Bring a camera, camcorder, sketch pad (large one), mark-making tools (pencils, pens, markers, brushes), scissors, tape, and other hand tools for early sketches and explorations. Access to a printer will be provided, as well as a projector to connect to laptops for image and sound display.

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Podsumowanie semestru zimowego 2011/2012 – neony irsa

W tym semestrze nasi studenci zmierzyli się z ciekawym zadaniem – redesignem istniejącej strony internetowej oraz liftingiem znaku firmowego. Współpracowaliśmy z firmą z Katowic – NEON-IRSA produkującą neony i reklamy świetlne (ich dotychczasowa strona internetowa znajduje się pod adresem: http://www.neon.katowice.pl/).
Pracownia Publikacji Cyfrowych oraz firma NEON-IRSA rozpoczęła współpracę w ramach projektu Innowacyjny Dizajn Lokomotywą Śląskiej Gospodarki. Strona zaprojektowana przez Piotra Probę została wybrana przez właścicieli firmy oraz będzie wdrożona dzięki pracy studentów Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego.

dotychczasowa strona firmy NEON-IRSA

Wybrany do realizacji projekt Piotra Proby z III roku Projektowania Graficznego

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